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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Glass Splashbacks for Your Home

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The walls in your kitchen and bathroom are always at the mercy of moisture and dirt. And while tiles can be attractive, they are much more difficult to maintain and clean than glass. Glass splashbacks are easy to clean, easy to customize and look good.

But before you purchase glass splashbacks for your home, consider the following factors.  

1. The colour

Glass splashbacks come in many colours. And with the right supplier, you can customise the colour to blend in with the colours already in your kitchen. Alternatively, you can go with a clear glass splashback. This is ideal if you want to add a background to your splashback.

2. The background

You can turn your glass splashbacks into works of art too. Instead of just being functional, your glass splashbacks can also add an attractive focal point to your kitchen or bathroom. A good way to achieve that is to first place some art on the wall, such as wall decals, and then place the glass splashback over them so they can protect and enhance the wall art.

3. The lighting

Glass splashbacks can be a useful way to play with the lighting in a space. For instance, if your kitchen or bathroom is a little gloomy, you can add lighting around a coloured splashback to give the space a more cheery and light atmosphere. This is also good if you have young children. And glass splashbacks can reflect natural light from a nearby window.

4. The size

If you have space, you could cover an entire wall with a splashback rather than just the space above your oven. The ability to customise your glass splashback means that you can make your splashback as big as you want it to be. This is a great way to modernize a kitchen.

5. The power points

Before you decide where to place your glass splashbacks, you'll need to take into account the power points throughout the area. If you need to place a splashback over a power point then be sure to inform your glass supplier before you order your splashback. They can then customise your splashback appropriately.

Glass splashbacks are one of the cleanest and most attractive ways to protect the walls of your kitchen and bathroom. But ensure that you keep these factors in mind so that you can choose the glass splashbacks that are most suitable for your home.