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4 Questions To Ask Before Your Windscreen Replacement

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Got a crack or chip in your windscreen and thinking about a replacement? Don't rush into the process without asking the important questions below. You'll need to make sure that a replacement is the right choice, ask about special features, and determine the details of your insurance and warranty. Staying informed means you'll avoid any costly issues further down the line.

1. Could my windscreen be repaired instead?

Is your windscreen so badly damaged that it needs replacing, or would a repair do the trick? Garages follow a standard procedure when it comes to assessing the level of damage to your windscreen. After a certain point, it becomes too risky to drive, as another knock could break the entire windscreen. Ask them to talk you through their assessment, and explain why a repair wouldn't be enough.

2. Will my insurance cover the cost?

If you've got a car insurance policy, check your documents, and give your insurer a call to work out whether or not you'll be covered. You may have to pay a small excess, or the entire cost could be covered for you. Some policies offer free windscreen repairs, which is why it's so important to check that a full replacement is necessary. Bear in mind that this may also affect your no-claims bonus.

3. Will special features still work after replacement?

Does your car have a heated windscreen, rain sensors, or other special features? Be sure to mention these to the mechanic, as they made need special parts and extra attention. Other elements of the vehicle may need to be re-calibrated to ensure that they still work properly after the windscreen replacement. If in doubt, check your car manual, or contact your dealership for advice.

4. What kind of warranty will be included?

Once you've got your new windscreen, you'll want reassurance that it's not going to chip or crack again in a hurry. Get all the details on the warranty offered by your garage, and ask whether it covers repairs to the windscreen or corrections to any issues with the installation. You should also check how long the warranty will last, and whether it can be voided in any way. If there's no warranty offered, it's worth looking elsewhere.

Getting a new windscreen is a big investment, and you should make sure you know exactly what the process entails. Ask the questions above, and don't be afraid to speak to multiple different mechanics.

For more information, contact a windscreen replacement service in your area.