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Why You Should Consider Installing Aluminium Louvre Windows on Your New Property

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If you live in a temperate part of the country, you may want to take advantage of any cooling breezes and see if you can channel them through your home. Some people prefer this type of ventilation rather than having to rely on internal air conditioning, and if you like this type of approach, you may be thinking about louvre windows. What do you need to take into account as you draw up your plans?

Flexible Options

Louvre windows are nothing if not flexible. For example, if you're starting with a clean sheet of paper and designing a new property, you may want to install some of these windows towards the top of an outside facing wall to help get rid of any warmer air that develops through the day. These "highlight" windows can be adjusted manually or electrically, with the individual slats opening outward more than a conventional window.

Main Benefits

These types of louvre windows are not only great when it comes to ventilation but will give you plenty of privacy as well. You may not need to install any blinds or curtains here, although you may want to think about bug screens. After all, many people will leave these louvre windows open at night to cool down the inside of the property, and strategically placed screens can keep any unwanted visitors outside.

Aluminium Construction

More often than not, people choose aluminium slats for their louvre windows. These can be treated with a woodgrain finish so that they look more traditional and contemporary, but in any case, they will be relatively easy to clean and maintain.

Other Advantages

Louvre windows are also simple to adjust. You can angle the individual slats to adjust how much cool air flows through your property and will find that the individual slats open much wider than a standard window. Due to their configuration, they are quite easy to clean from inside the property as well. You can access both sides of the glass, which makes this task a lot simpler if you have a multi-storey home.

Making Your Choice

Talk with your suppliers about aluminium louvre windows. They will show you your options and help you design each room to take full advantage of this solution. Once you have made your selection, they will ensure that the windows are installed correctly and work with your builders to help you achieve your dream. 

Contact a local aluminium window supplier for more info.