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How Installing a Frameless Shower Helps with a Bathroom Makeover

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When designing a bathroom, you need to bring all the elements — such as tiling, vanity, and shower — together to create an overall effect. One kind of shower enclosure that will help with this endeavour is a frameless shower design that offers plenty of options. Here are several ways that this will help you with your bathroom makeover. 

Create a Sense of Openness

One of the challenges when designing a bathroom is to create a sense of openness and space regardless of its proportions. After all, a large room can feel cluttered and cramped, while a small room can feel calm and open. It depends on the jumble and the sense of space. 

A frameless shower helps by bringing minimal visual clutter into the design. Glass shower screens are smooth and transparent, and they're not covered in heavy metal framing. Instead, they have discreet brackets and supports that are barely noticeable. Thus, by installing a frameless shower, you've gone a long way towards making your bathroom feel open and clear regardless of its dimensions.

Install a Door That Fits with the Space

Another way that a frameless enclosure helps with your design is that they allow for any type of shower door. This is important as some doors impinge on the room layout. For instance, a hinged opening swings outwards and thus requires floorspace. Allowing for this functionality forces you to possibly relocate other components such as the vanity. Or you may have to place the shower in a different spot. 

With a frameless shower though you'll have other door options that are more space-friendly. For instance, sliding doors move to the side, and pivot doors swing inwards or outwards. In a large bathroom, you could pick one door type over another, and likewise in a more compact space. But a frameless shower provides design flexibility for you to create whatever you want. 

Customise the Shape and Size 

If you install an already-made enclosure, you're limited in how you can create your shower, in its size and shape. But frameless models can be adapted in virtually any way. You could build an extra spacious enclosure if the bathroom is large. Alternatively, you could cleverly create a long, narrow enclosure to work in a small bathroom. 

Why not go for a unique look depending on the setup and budget? For instance, the shower could be built as an extension on one side of the bathroom, and fitted with an overhead glass window, so you can enjoy a view of the sky when showering. Another way to connect with the outdoors is to build a large window on one side of the enclosure, that opens to a private garden area. 

To get help installing a new shower screen, contact a glass company in your area.