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Why You Don't See Many Non-Glass Shower Screens

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Shower screens are an important part of many people's bathrooms as they prevent them from becoming a swampy mess every time they try to get clean. It might seem like there are many options for the material a shower screen could be made out of if its primary purpose is just to prevent water spray, but this is not really the case in reality. Glass shower screens are overwhelmingly popular across Australia for many reasons. Here are three of the most prescient reasons why glass shower screens blow the other types out of the water.

Flow Of The Room

A large part of the appeal of glass shower screens is that they create a natural feeling of flow inside your bathroom. Rather than have a sheltered section that is closed off from the rest of the room, a glass shower screen lets the whole room feel (as it should) like it is whole, not divided. This is also true for lighting as a glass shower screen allows you to have central lights rather than lights positioned directly above the shower. Think about how odd it would feel to shower in a tiny, enclosed room, and you can see just how used to glass shower screens you are. 


Glass shower screens are like open books to those who view them, meaning that if there is dirt or grime on them, you will know it straight away. That helps owners know exactly how often to clean them and in which areas they are dirty. The other benefit is that a clean glass shower screen looks better than any of its competitors and it is not even close. Glass is also non-porous, which means that no bacteria can grow in it. Also, unlike other non-porous materials like plastic, due to its extremely smooth surface, glass is also very easy to clean; just a few swipes with your favourite shammy are usually enough to do the trick. 


Glass shower screens are by no means all constrained to the same design. There are many different types, from ones that feature incredible artistic designs to those that are frosted and provide some more privacy. With lots of other materials, you are kind of restricted to a few designs that have remained unchanged for decades. Glass shower screens are always changing and evolving, which means that even if you renovated your bathroom a few years ago, you could probably do it again today and find something completely different that you love. The next time you are stuck for choices, just browse a few pages of results on glass shower screens, and you will be amazed at the variety such a simple item could have.