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Benefits Of Mirrored Or Glass Sliding Wardrobe Doors

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If you want to upgrade your bedroom, why not install a wardrobe with mirror or glass sliding doors? With one piece of furniture, you can totally transform the space. Here are several benefits in more detail.

Evokes Spaciousness

A mirrored face across your wardrobe adds depth and dimension to a room, making it seem larger. Mirrors give the impression of space beyond. Even though, logically, you know the surface is solid, it still provides the illusion of expanse. This effect is particularly helpful for smaller rooms. As well, because mirrors are the ultimate reflective surface, these doors bounce light, creating a brighter ambience. Sliding doors glide neatly to the side, not requiring a swinging arc, another plus for small rooms.

Design Options

With a glass or mirror wardrobe, you have countless design options to enhance and enliven your decor. Alternate the glass panels, combining clear with frosted, juxtaposed against natural wood sections. The glass panels can be rectangular or simply framed square panels, and they can combine for a geometric zen design. 

Alternatively, install frameless glass with faceted edges to give a sparkling effect, perfect for a vintage look. Cutting the glass to cover and cloak the door frame creates a sleek design, made more beautiful with exquisite decorative frosting patterns. On a three-door wardrobe, you can reserve the centre door for glass, the outer doors only or the entire face. Select frameless glass, slim metal frames, or ornate, elaborate framing. 


In a bedroom, if part of your wardrobe features mirrors, then you won't need to add another mirror to the room. Your wardrobe will be multi-tasking as storage and reflector. Because doors extend close to the floor, they allow you to see what your outfit looks like from head to toe—your feet aren't missing from the image. And the mirror is doubly convenient being on the wardrobe with clothes to try on closeby. Mirrored wardrobes are also ideal for home gyms to aid exercise and dance practice because they give such an extensive view.

If you want to transform a room with a piece of furniture, glass wardrobes are a perfect choice. Not only will do they dramatically increase the sense of spaciousness, but they introduce a beautiful element into the room. Sleek glass combines well with many metals and natural woods to create a range of styles using different forms of glazing. And a mirror door increases the functionality of a bedroom. Visit a furniture store to check out glass wardrobe options.