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Noisy Neighbor? Time To Call The Glazier

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As the mum of a young child, and the neighbour of a music-making genius, you are no doubt wondering what your options are so that you can regain a little sanity in your life. Music-loving neighbours and sleep-loving children are not the best combinations. Getting double-glazed windows could solve the noise issue before it becomes a problem.

Does Double Glazing Reduce Noise By Much?

Double-glazing is the perfect solution when it comes to reducing the noise impact your musical neighbour is going to have on your life. Double-glazing involves two panes of glass that are separated by a gap. The air within this gap is removed during the framing process, and this vacuum creates a cavity that acts as a barrier to sound waves. When they reach the first piece of window glass, there is no air for the sound waves to move over, and this equates to a reduction in noise.

When you install double-glazed windows in your home, the space between the two sheets of glass will determine the amount of noise reduction you will experience. For example, a 12 mm gap between a glass pane that is 10mm wide and a glass pane that is 6.38 mm will give a 46% noise reduction from outside traffic noise.

Can You Use Your Existing Window Frames?

Because of the need to have the vacuum between the two glass panes to create the sound barrier, double-glazed windows are bought as a complete unit rather than being something that can be done to your existing windows.

However, there is an additional benefit to doing this. When you have the new window fitted by the glazier in your child's bedroom, you know it will be fully sealed into place during the installation process. This means that if you had any gaps in your window frame that previously were letting sound in or warm air out, this situation is going to be rectified before the next round of bad weather rolls in.

The replacement of the window frame with a double-glazed panel can be done in one day, so you do not need to fear your home will be exposed to weather or security threats during the installation process.

No matter how much of a music lover you are, putting a double-glazed window in your child's bedroom will help to ensure their sleeping patterns are not disrupted during late-night jam sessions. This will, in turn, mean you can enjoy the toe-tapping tunes provided by your neighbour, but only when it suits you to listen to them.