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Aluminium Vs. Timber Window Frames: A Comparison

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If you're thinking of replacing your old windows, you're probably wondering what kind of frames to choose.  Two very popular options are timber and aluminium, but which of these is the best for you?  Here's a comparison to help you decide.

Aluminium Window Frames

A major plus with aluminium window frames is that they are very lightweight.  Despite this, the frames are still strong and durable, and they don't require any maintenance.  If you have windows that are unusual in shape, aluminium might be a good choice for you, as it can be easily manipulated into the design or style you need.

Although aluminium window frames are not generally suitable for painting, you can buy powder-coated versions in different colours to match the décor scheme of your property.

Aluminium window frames are usually quite a bit cheaper than other options.

Although they're great at keeping noise out, one drawback of aluminium windows is that they don't hold the heat in very well because the metal conducts heat so efficiently.  This means that heat from inside the house may be transferred out through the frames.  Another potential issue is that condensation is inclined to form readily on aluminium window frames, which can encourage mould to form on adjacent wall coverings and window dressings.  Conversely, aluminium window frames are perfect in very warm climates where cold, and therefore condensation, are not an issue.

Timber Window Frames

Timber frames can be painted or stained to match the décor scheme of a house and are generally considered more aesthetically pleasing than other options. 

Wood holds heat in very effectively and is therefore likely to keep your home warmer during the colder months of the year.  Provided the glass is double-glazed, you should not encounter a problem with condensation.

Wooden frames will need a degree of maintenance from time-to-time to protect them from damage by water and wood-eating pests, so you'll need to be prepared to spend some time painting or refinishing the frames.  Sometimes, during wet or humid weather, wooden window frames are inclined to swell and stick when you try to open and close them.

Bespoke wooden window frames are usually more expensive than other options.

In Conclusion

Your choice of window frames is very much down to personal preference.  Aluminium and timber frames both offer advantages, depending on your circumstances.  For a maintenance-free, durable and practical option, you might look to aluminium.  If you have more time to spend on maintenance and you have a larger budget, timber might be your choice.