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Windscreen Repair Tips

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It is common for the windscreen on your vehicle to be hit by road debris and other items, but these objects can sometimes cause damage to occur. Even though cracks on your windscreen are sometimes unavoidable, it is important that you are aware of ways to limit the amount of damage that takes place to your windscreen. It is possible to avoid having your entire windscreen replaced if you are aware of the most effective windscreen repair tips. You might have the ability to lessen the amount of cost associated with repairing your windscreen if you take a few necessary steps right after damage to your windscreen has occurred.

Use a Magnifying Glass

It is important that you assess the damage done to your windscreen using a magnifying glass. This is one of the most effective methods for determining if your crack will require total replacement or if repair will be sufficient. Using a magnifying glass, you can take an up-close look of the crack or chip. Long cracks are those that can't be simply repaired. This means that if the crack spans a wide distance, it is not possible to simply repair it. Chips of any shape can normally be repaired before they transform into a big crack. As long as the chip has left most of the surface of the glass intact, it is possible for the chip to be filled in.

Exposure to Water

It is important that you do not let water come into contact with the chip on your windscreen. This is one of the best ways to reduce the total amount of damage and ensure that the chip can be repaired instead of requiring new windscreen replacement. If water finds its way into the small crack, it has the ability to break through the top layer of lamination on the windscreen. This results in the crack widening and becoming longer. This will also result in fogging of the windscreen in the area where the crack occurred. The visibility of the windscreen will also be compromised as a result. This means that you should cover all cracks with tape until you can have them repaired to ensure that damage does not worsen due to exposure to water.


Injecting an epoxy or adhesive filler is typically the best way to repair a small chip or crack to your windscreen. You can purchase a windscreen repair kit that will contain this type of filler. This filler can be injected right into the chip and fix it, allowing the flaw to barely be visible.

For more information, contact a local windscreen repair company.