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Three Primary Types of Decorative Glass

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There are diverse advantages derived from installing decorative glass in features such as doors and windows as well as on interior items like cabinets. The glazing will increase the curb and internal appeal of the home which means that you will get more buyers if you decide to sell the property. In addition, decorative glass allows you to personalize your home while enhancing privacy from prying eyes.

The task of choosing the ideal glass to install in your home can be challenging since there are diverse products in the market. Here are the primary types to consider for your house:

Etched Glass

Glass etching is the process of abrading and roughening the surface in order to create a new visual effect. This technique of decorating glass produces a contemporary frosted design which has a translucent appearance. Art can be produced on the surface by abrading specific areas. The decorative effects can be produced using different methods such as using acids, applying etching creams and sandblasting.

You can also request for laser etching services from your glass supplier. This is a precise technique which uses localized heat to produce high detail art and images on the glass. It is ideal for making custom decorative glass for entryway windows because it does not weaken the material.

Stained Glass

Stained glass is a beautiful decorative material with a long history. In the past, it was primarily used in buildings of great significance such as mosques and churches. Today, the production technology is widely available so the stained glass can be easily incorporated into residential structures. As a basic material, stained glass refers to glass which has been treated with metallic salts to produce different colour effects.

This coloured glass is often cut into shapely pieces and these are arranged in a mosaic to create an artistic appearance. The pieces are typically joined using soldered metal strips which ensure that the integrity of the glass structure remains intact. Stained glass is ideal for use in the windows of a themed or traditional home.

Patterned Glass

Patterned glass is regular flat glass which is designed with subtle texture outlines. It is ideal for use for internal decoration on furniture and glass splashbacks but it can be installed in windows and entryways to allow in light without complete transparency. The decorative glass is produced by pressing heated glass between rollers with the desired design. If you prefer a less understated look, you should consider installing coloured patterned glass.

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