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Installing a Pet Door? Keep the Following Tips in Mind

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Pet doors for cats and dogs are a very good way to allow the pets to move in and out of the house without having to open the entire door. Keep the following tips in mind if you are planning to install a pet door on your house through a place like Professional Glass & Maintenance.

Buy the Door in Advance

Pet door installers normally charge by the hour. You can reduce how much that installer bills you by buying the correct size of door well in advance of calling the pet door installer. For instance, you can visit a pet shop near you and select the kind of pet door that you want so that you buy it a few days before the installer comes to your home. You will have reduced the installer's billable hours since all they will have to do is get to work, rather than first talking to you about the kind of door you want then going out to buy it.

Think About Energy Efficiency as You Buy the Pet Door

Pet doors for cats and dogs can cause some heat loss so you should look for a model that minimizes this heat loss. For instance, a pet door with flaps that seal magnetically will seal any gaps through which heat can escape from the house.

Buy a Door that Will Only Open For Your Pets

Raccoons and other undesirable animals can access pet doors so it is important that you get a door that limits this risk. For instance, there are doors that come with sensors mounted on a dog collar so that once the dog approaches the pet door, the lock mechanism releases and the dog can get out, or get in. Buy a pet door that has such security features and you will be able to keep undesirable animals from using it to enter your home.

Cut Costs by Installing the Pet Door on an Entry Door

It is possible to install a pet door on a wall but that makes the undertaking expensive since the wall has to be broken into. It is cheaper to install the pet door on an entry door because all the installer has to do is to cut a hole into the door then fit the pet door. Take the hint and save money by installing the pet door on an entry door.

If you use the tips above, your dog and cat will have a way to get in, and out of the house without affecting the security of the home or causing significant energy loss.